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WELCOME! It's hard to believe that more than thirty years after the Apple II came on the scene, there are still enthusiasts gathering the bits and pieces that still linger from the 1980's. But you're here for a reason, to recapture some of the nostalgia, fun and affection that permeated those years of discovery and creativity. And we're here to gladly help you do it.

Nibble was founded in 1980 by Mike Harvey (he personally wrote every program and article in the first four issues) and it was published for more than twelve years. During that time, it helped many readers discover the magic and excitement of the first significant personal computer -- the Apple II. This site explores the history, and the products offered here can bring the entire collection to your library.

Exciting news from Stavros Karatsoridis!!!

After a 3 1/2 year effort, Stavros Karatsoridis has laboriously typed, formatted and packaged the entire collection of Nibble 1,200+ programs spanning our 12 1/2 years of publication.  His 42-disk collection includes the 265 major programs that were volunteered several years ago by Sam Stoddard (see below) and goes well beyond.  Stavros has also provided a scrollable Index of the Programs by Title, so you can easily search our the location of your favorites programs (on the Nibble Disks page).

So this is your chance to recapture some of the magic and charm of the good old 40-character screen with its Low-Res and Hi-Res graphics and take a program tour to that wonderful decade of the 1980's!

updated Sept. 2014

NEW --  DOS 3.3 Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language Examples
courtesy of Cristian Ramirez

Cristian Ramirez has generously offered a complete set of the examples used with the Beginner's Guide to Assemly Language in the DOS 3.3 format. The three disks are available in a ZIP format on the Nibble Disks page.  So now you can select either (or both) ProDOS and DOS 3.3 for your Assembly Language exploration.

NEW --  Ampersoft for DOS 3.3
courtesy of Stavros Karatsoridis

We're delighted to announce that Stavros Karatsoridis has generously contributed the Ampersoft (DOS 3.3) utilities library representing Applesoft enhancements and blazing fast routines for:  Sorting up to 60 times faster;  Garbage collection up to 300 times faster; Matrix Arithmetic; Selective Array Clearing; and much more.  Your Applesoft programs using these utilities will run better and faster than ever before.  In the days of Nibble, we used Ampersoft routines extensively in actually running MicroSPARC's daily operations.

NEW --  Nibble magazines and books
are now OCR SEARCHABLE through
courtesy of Brian Wiser

We're very pleased to announced the Brian Wiser has graciously contributed OCR versions of the PDF files for Nibble magazines and books.  This means that you'll be able to type in a word or two and search an entire issue (or book) for "hits" on the word(s).  For those of you who are interested in finding specific topics, titles, products, programs or anything else in an issue, it'll be a huge asset.

Starting immediately, all new orders for Nibble Express and Nibble books will be shipped with the OCR-scan version.

ADDED BONUS: The second DVD will also contain a number of memorable collections that have been assembled by Brian:

  • User groups
  • Nibble cartoons
  • Interviews with Apple industry leaders
  • Product ads organized by type of product
  • All the Nibble Covers in a single library - Cleaned up and Enhanced
  • and much much more.

Since the OCR-scan of the Nibble magazine library pushes the library to a second DVD, there will be a price of $99.95 for the two-DVD library of OCR capable files.  This compares to the regular $89.95 price for the straight PDF files on a single DVD.

If you've previously ordered the standard Nibble library, you can Upgrade to the new 2-DVD set for $19.95... which includes the added features (above).

 We hope you'll enjoy the new search capability...  and the collections of memorabilia... and many thanks to Brian for his efforts!

NEW --  Full Collection of
Nibble Editorials

Over the years, many people have suggested that Mike Harvey publish the collection of his editorials/business models as a book.  For the first time, we're offering the complete CD collection of more than 150 editorials that span the 12 1/2 years... and they're searchable!  To see some samples and order the library, go the the Nibble Editorials page of this site.  The library includes such memorable models as:

 The Tomato Plants Problem  The Coke Machine Syndrome
 Slot Machine Management Action TNT
Change! Enemy or Ally? Elephants and Antelopes
Appetite, Heartburn and Mid-Air Collisions A Sharp Pencil in Hard Times
Acres of Diamonds and 140 more...


NEW --  Mike's Art is now available as Prints

For the past several years, Mike has been creating a series of abstract computer graphic art pieces and they're displayed on this page.  Since publishing the images, we've had a number of requests for prints of the art, so you can now purchase signed, high quality prints suitable for framing.  Each image is printed on 13" x 19" Ultra Premium Presentation paper with archival ink. The prints are available for $18.95 each, plus $1.95 shipping (per order). And each print is personally signed. 

There's a partial sample of the images below... and you can see the full gallery and place an order by clicking:  Mike's Art

Nevertheless, the primary focus of this site is Nibble magazine, books, and software, so we hope you'll enjoy the visit and diversion! 

Image Samples from Mike's Art page.  Click on an image to see a larger version and to optionally order a print.

Birds Eye View I

Birds Eye View II

Mountain Mist

Three Paths I

Three Paths II


Tumbling Rainbows

Energy Core II

Energy Core III

Lonesome Tree

Arboreeal Exodus



DOWNLOADABLE NIBBLE PROGRAMS LIBRARY! THE MAJOR PROGRAMS FROM EACH ISSUE!  They can be run using an Apple II emulator that is also downloadable here.

We have an extensive interview with Mike Harvey that was conducted by the Apple II journal, Juiced.GS, in September 2006. You'll find some of the insights about Nibble's origins are interesting reading.

In addition, in the Nibble Editorials pages, we've added some of the more popular "business models" that Mike wrote about in his Editorials through the years.  The principles still apply... 25 years later!  Check them out.

In the Nibble, Nibble Mac, Nibble Books and PC Hands On sections, you'll discover the fruits of many months of effort to reproduce Nibble and Nibble Mac books and magazines on CD and DVD. 

Here are some other highlights:

Nibble Library Now Available

Now you  can order the full 12 1/2 years of Nibble... more than 16,000 pages on DVD. The Standard library barely fits on one DVD, and the Searchable OCR library requires 2 DVDs so that's the reason for the difference in price.

The 2-DVD OCR Searchable set includes a number of other special collections of cartoons, covers, etc.

  • User groups
  • Nibble cartoons
  • Interviews with Apple industry leaders
  • Product ads organized by type of product
  • All the Nibble Covers in a single library - Cleaned up and Enhanced
  • and much much more.

Complete Standard Nibble Library on DVD  -  $89.95

Nibble Searchable OCR Library on 2 DVDs (includes features collections) -  $99.95


Nibble Books Library
Now Available

Now you  can order the full set of Nibble Books that were published from 1980 through 1991...  The 16 volumes are on a CD packed with articles and programs on the Apple II. The library is searchable OCR PDF files. Here's the library:

Apple II Games Gallery   Your Apple Money Manager
Applesoft Power Tools   Beginner's Guide to AL
Hands On Applesoft   Apple Secrets
More Apple Secrets   3rd Book of Apple Secrets
Apple II Classics   1 Minute Apple Programs
2 Minute Apple Programs   3 Minute Apple Programs
Disassembly Lines 1   Disassembly Lines 2
Disassembly Lines 3   Disassembly Lines 4

You can see the contents of each book on the Nibble Books page. We hope you'll enjoy this collection too!

Nibble Books Library on DVD  -  $94.95

Download Sample Scan

Nibble Express Library
Now Available

The entire 11-Volume Nibble Express library features the best Nibble Apple II programs in each year from 1980 through 1990. You can check out the contents of each annual volume on the Nibble Books page... or get all of them right here. The library is searchable OCR PDF files.

Each year, we picked the best features for the previous year, and updated the articles with the latest program listings with corrections to any "bugs" that had cropped up... and everything is collected here.

Complete Nibble Express Library on DVD -  $69.95


Nibble Mac Library Now Available

Now you  can order the full 4+ years of Nibble Mac magazine on DVD or CD. In its day, Nibble Mac was the premier Hypercard stacks magazine in the industry, with original, commmercial-grade stacks for the Macintosh.  It also covered key applications in Microsoft Basic and contained lots of tips and techniques for making better use of commercial programs.  It's a great historical archive for your library.

All  4 1/2 years of Nibble Mac magazines
PLUS 6-volume Nibble Mac books library
(and we'll include the
HyperTalking II disk stacks)
(Saves $18.90 off the individual prices)


"OmniBook Library Collections" now available (DVD only)

All 12 1/2 years of Nibble magazines
PLUS 27-volume Nibble books library
(and we'll include all the Nibble Magazine .DSK images)

(Saves $51.40 off the individual prices)


Note: If you have any of the original Nibble programs on disk, I'd love to hear from you. 
It would be great to expand the library of disk images
to offer original programs to loyal enthusiasts.
So if you have any, please contact me at:


Let me also call  your attention to the Apple II Links page, where NBasic provides a great tool for reliving some of the old nostalgia of converting Nibble programs that will run under Windows.

So we hope you enjoy the site... the trip back into the excitement of the 80s... and the reminiscence of those days of discovery and creativity.

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Let us know if you have any problems or comments about the site... or any
Nibble archive material that you'd like to contribute!

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