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The scanning of all four years of Nibble Mac is now complete!  You can order individual volumes or the entire 4+ year library.  And there's a great collection of HyperTalking and other great Nibble Mac Books and Anthologies. They're great additions to your Apple archives.

Shipping & Handling:  $1.95 (both US and International)

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Nibble Mac Annual 3 Nibble Mac vol 1 Nibble Mac vol 2 Nibble Mac vol 3 Nibble Mac vol 4

Nibble Mac Library Now Available

Now you  can order the full 4+ years of Nibble Mac on DVD or CD. In its day, Nibble Mac was the premier Hypercard stacks magazine in the industry, with original, commmercial-grade stacks.  It also covered key applications in Microsoft Basic and contained lots of tips and techniques for making better use of commercial programs.  It's a great historical archive for your library.

Complete Nibble Mac Library on DVD  -  $24.95

Complete Nibble Mac Library on CD  -  $29.95


Nibble Mac Books

Price: $8.95

Price: $8.95

Price: $8.95


Price: $8.95

Price: $8.95

Price: $8.95

Nibble Mac Magazines



Nibble Mac was first published in 1985 (2 issues) and the remaining 6 issues in volume 1 were  published in 1986. This volume includes some great original programs for the Macintosh:

  • Nibble Mac Investor

  • NibMac File Cabinet

  • Mac Banker

  • Zoom Graphic Database

  • MacSprint

  • Nibble Mac Musica

  • Shopper Mac

  • Movie Construction Kit

Nibble Mac Volume 1  -  $9.95


Nibble Mac volume 2 included these great programs:

  •  MacCalendar

  •  Painter

  •  Rainbow Labeler

  •  Expert (complete system in MS Basic)

  •  FileCard

  •  Videotape Librarian

  •  Financial Calculator

  •  Clip Art Database

Nibble Mac Volume 2 $9.95






In volume 3, we began publishing original Hypercard stacks, and we published some of the best Hypercard applications we've ever seen... even to this day.

  •  ChromaBasic

  •  Basic Banners

  •  QuickSort

  •  GuideMaker

  •  StackBuilder

  •  HyperInvestor

  •  BookBuilder

  •  Track Record

Nibble Mac Volume 3 $9.95


With volume 4, we changed the name to Macintosh Hands On and went monthly. Since we published our last issue with January 1990, we include it in this collection as part of the volume 4 library.

  •  Hyper ReportBuilder

  •  Answers!

  •  Presentation Builder

  •  HyperChart

  •  TimeMaster

  •  HyperMoney

  •  Gizmo (Business Simulation Game)

  •  CalcuCard

  •  Video Valet

  •  Diet Designer

  •  Scanning the Airwaves

  •  HyperOwner

  •  EzMail

Nibble Mac Volume 4 $9.95


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