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Apple ][ History

A comprehensive site devoted to the history and main events surrounding the Apple II.  This is a "must visit" for Apple II enthusiasts. is an invaluable resource for all Apple II users and Apple II emulation enthusiasts. The site is edited by Eric Shepherd ( ) and has published contributions from some of the well-known figures in the community. We have a forum on the Syndicomm Online service too!
A growing site with information on Apple II hardware and software. User manuals, software, and other resources for several Apple II expansion cards. Includes an extensive annotated list of Working Apple II Links

NBasic - Sylvaware

NBasic is a BASIC interpreter designed to mimic the operation of 8/16bit microcomputers of the early 1980’s like the Apple ][e® Tandy Color Computer®, and others. NBASIC was developed for the computer hobbyist in mind nostalgic for these older microcomputers.

Mike Harvey note:  I've converted a number of Nibble programs to run with NBasic, and it does a great job. Here are some sample Nibble programs that you can download and run with right away. In particular, notice the difference in the graphics programming in Blackjack. You can download a shareware version of NBasic from

Use the NBasic Help menu to learn how to access the Volume where you store the programs. Then you can run a program with a command: RUN "WIDGETS.NBA" for Widgets (be sure to include the quotation marks.

WIDGETS (Business simulation game)
BLACKJACK (Graphics card game)
TINY MAILER (Simple mailing list)
BIORHYTHMS (Your emotional, physical and mental cycles)

Apple Fritter

A great Apple II site with forums, services and projects galore


GSE-Reactive is currently working on such projects as Floppy, Sound, RAM and Accelerator cards for the IIe and IIgs.  A Compact Flash Hard Drive solution is also under development for the IIc/IIc+.   Check back often and see what new products have been released and are offered in our store. 

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