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Mike's Art


This page came into existence for no other reason than the fact that Mike Harvey thoroughly enjoys doing graphic computer art.  Over the past few years, these images are the result of many hours with an amazing 3D graphic program:  Bryce 6. A number of site visitors requested the option to order prints of these images and here's where you can do it.


Each 13" x 19" image is printed on Ultra Premium Presentation paper with archival inks. You can order prints for $18.95 each... plus $1.95 shipping per order. And each print is personally signed.


How to place an order:
On the individual image page, you can place a credit card order by clicking "Add to Cart".
2. Then, when the "Cart" is displayed, click either "Continue Shopping" or "Proceed to Checkout" to process the order.
3. You can also "Remove" an item that you may have selected in error.


Click on an image to see a larger version and to optionally order a print.

Bird's Eye View I

Bird's Eye View II

Mountain Mist

Three Pat
hs I

Three Paths II


Eagle at Sunset

PI - 3.14159

Vulcan Tower

Energy Core

Triple Landscape

Spikes & Spheres

Global Warming

The Gallery

Earth Descending


Underwater Mountain

UFO at Sunset

Tumbling Rainbows

Energy Core II

Energy Core III

Lonesome Tree

Arboreal Exodus


Rainbow Maze

Space Maze

The Way Up

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Last modified: 9/15/2014