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These tips are little models of business problems and solutions that were originally published on the Nibble Editorial page. They can be handy for recognizing the situations as they happen. They're also a useful "short-hand" means of communicating solutions.

The Tomato Plant Problem
This 'model' describes the universal problem of how to match too many opportunities with too few resources to go after them.

The Coke Machine Syndrome
Everyone has encountered this syndrome and it wastes huge amounts of time. There is a way to handle it.

Slot Machine Management
Rapid decision-making isn't always a good thing -- it can destroy opportunities before they have a chance to succeed.

Action TNT (Today Not Tomorrow)
Time! We each have exactly the same amount of time as everyone else. But why do some people get much more accomplished in that time? Here are some tips.

NEW --  Full Collection of Nibble Editorials

Over the years, many people have suggested that I publish the collection of my editorials/business models as a book.  For the first time, I'm offering the complete CD collection of more than 150 editorials that span the 12 1/2 years.  In addition to the samples above, you'll get interesting subjects like:  Elephants and Antelopes, The Change Curve, and a bunch more.

Nibble Editorials Library on CD  -  $12.95


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