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We're delighted to be able to offer the major stacks we published in Nibble Mac on the no-charge, downloadable Hypertalking II disk below.  I found the disk in the back of the book during the scanning project, and a fellow enthusiast Stavros Karatsoridis -- -- pulled together the download package included on this page.

Price: $8.95


HyperTalking II
Complete Stacks
(No charge download)

We're pleased to offer the complete disk of Hypercard stacks from Hypertalking II (above).  The stacks run under Windows using the "Mini vMac" emulator as shown to in the screen to the right.

Click the table of contents of the Hypertalking II book (above) to see the stacks that are included in the disk.

How to Use the Emulator:  After downloading the .zip file, put it into its own folder (VMac Emulator) before unzipping. Unzipping will create two folders as shown here.

 Then open the vMac folder and double-click MINIVMAC.EXE to run it. Then open the disk image contained in the folder (hfs10M.DSK) to access the Hypercard stacks.

Click above to Download the Hypertalking II stacks AND
the mini VMac emulator


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