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PC Hands On has an excellent collection of programs... many of which had been the best of Nibble... which were adapted to GW-Basic and QuickBasic.  This collection has all 15 issues that were published before the market forced us to cease publication in Jan. 1991.

Shipping & Handling:  $1.95 (both US and International)



PC Hands On was first published in October 1989, and we tried to bring many of the best Nibble programs to the PC user community. Unfortunately, we were late to the market and the competition was ferocious.  We managed to publish 15 issues, which are contained in this volume and the last issue was Dec. 1990.

  • The Investor (stock tracking)

  • Highways (trip planner)

  • Wizmo (business simulation)

  • QuickBanker (checkbook syst)

  • Diner (diet/menu planner)

  • Data Designer (database mgmt)

  • PC Architect (room design)

  • Medic (family medical records)

  • Chart Builder (pie, line, bar)

  • Planetarium (star guide)

  • Super Search (search utility)

  • Weather Station (forecasting)

  • Turtle Graphics (graphic tracking)

  • Recipe Helper (database)

PC Hands On  -  $9.95


Price: $8.95

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